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Featured Project – United Lutheran Church in Rockford, IL


DESCRIPTION:  Renovation of the existing church building.  Added skylights and modernized the look of the sanctuary, installation of glass partition wall system.

APPROXIMATE COST:  $450,000 – $600,000

TIMELINE:  6 months

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:  “When we chose Rockford Structures to renovate our church building, little did we know that we would get more than a contractor.  It has been our great honor and joy to work with such a fine local company.”  – Pastor Krista Zimmerman, Don Long, Council President and Gary Anderson, Renovation Committee Chair


Featured Project – Beef-a-Roo in Roscoe, IL


DESCRIPTION:  The building is a replica based off a historical train depot in French Lick Indiana.  A railroad themed restaurant with wood frame and masonry exterior.  Interior is exposed timber framed trusses in a train depot theme.

APPROXIMATE COST:  $750,000 – $1.2 million

TIMELINE:  5 months

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:  “They (Rockford Structures) don’t just give you a key and walk away.  This company stands behind their own work, subcontractor’s work and materials.”  Jean Vitale, Owner and Partner And Nick DeBruler, New Construction Coordinator for Beef-a-Roo Restaurants.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THIS PROJECT:  http://www.rockfordstructures.com/projects.php?id=2


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