Can RSCC build my building?

The short answer is yes we can.

There are several different types of construction available today.  The first and most basic separation in the type of construction is used.  Most builders separate this at residential or commercial construction. For the purpose of this discussion, we will be dealing with commercial construction and various types of buildings available within it.

There are three main types of commercial construction that we specialize in:

  1. Conventional (sometimes called stick-built) construction. This is typically what you think of as steel or wood stud framing with stud wall infill. Flat roof designs typically have bar joists and deck to support snow loads and mechanicals placed on roofs.  This tends to be the most expensive type of construction of the three mentioned here.  The benefit of this type of construction is that if you can dream it, we can build it. You have a lot of design freedom to meet specific needs or desires.  There are many types of construction choices available within conventional construction, steel or wood studs, flat or pitched roofs, brick, and block. See examples of RSCC buildings that utilize this type of construction here.
  2. Pre- Engineered Construction/ steel building. Steel buildings are gaining in popularity with customers due to the many different types of designs available today. Many of these structures look just like conventional buildings and are being used for new churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and schools. They are generally less expensive than traditional construction; steel framing is very strong and allows for long spans of wide-open spaces under one roof. This type of construction can save time during the construction process and you can be “up and running” quickly and affordably. See examples of RSCC buildings that utilize this type of construction here. RSCC uses STAR buildings, read and see more about Star here.
  3. Tilt-up concrete construction. This is generally the fastest type of construction. With proper design and fabrication, this building can be constructed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. This is a very affordable and fast way to erect your building. This is excellent for warehouse or industrial use. Many “box stores” use this type of construction. It can be used for almost any building, small to very large. See examples of RSCC buildings that utilize this type of construction here.

The responsibility of an outstanding general contractor is to marry your building needs with the proper type of construction based on size, time, and price. That’s what Rockford Structures can and will do for you.