Construction Services for Elementary Facilities

When it comes to major construction projects, few require a more varied approach than a school renovation or addition. Rockford Structures has undertaken many educational construction projects in this area, including the Rockford Lutheran School, Jefferson High School, and Rockton elementary schools, among others, and in each instance, we have been able to help school districts improve upon their learning facilities for the betterment of teachers’ everyday professional experiences and students’ learning environments.

Of course, while many building projects are fairly straightforward, there are many different ways in which a school can decide to upgrade or add to their facility during the year or over the summer break. The following are some of the more common types of school facility construction projects that a district may undertake:

Five Construction Services for Schools

 The Gym

Depending on the age of the school, there is a good chance that the gym may need a serious upgrade. Whether that’s new hardwood, new lighting, or even new bleachers, we have the ability to completely revamp your athletic space and give players and fans an inviting, exciting place to host their home games.

Flexible Learning Centers

Flexible learning spaces are all the rage in the education world right now, and construction companies like Rockford Structures are eager to help schools design these versatile spaces for teachers and students. The way learning looks is changing, and having movable, diverse seating in learning centers for students is one way in which those changes are manifesting.

Building Additions and Upgrades

Sometimes the current school just isn’t big enough, but building a whole new structure isn’t always financially viable. We can plan additions to a building or even construct adjunct buildings or a field house to provide students and teachers with the extra space they need to do their job safely and comfortably.  Along with additions, security upgrades, ballistic walls and windows are common upgrades for staff and student safety.

Improved Electrical

More and more electronic devices find their way into schools every year, which means more and more schools are finding themselves woefully underprepared to deal with the increased burden on their electrical systems. Accommodating all that new technology sometimes means updating the electrical system in the school. Schools can’t afford to be constantly blowing fuses in an age where so much work is done on computers.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Green technology is another way that schools are evolving. Not only are more and more schools adding solar panels to provide cleaner energy, but there are myriad other ways to work energy-efficient answers to issues schools are dealing with on an everyday basis. If school districts are going to invest in upgrades, they may as well be green upgrades.

There are many more ways that Rockford Structures can help a school district make the most efficient use of its construction budget while improving its facilities for teachers and students, and if you would like a consultation to determine what those may be, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time. We want to make your area school a point of pride in your community, and these types of upgrades all work to accomplish that.