How Long will it take to Construct My Building?

When someone is looking to have a new building constructed, one of the most common questions we get asked is “how long will it take to build my building?” So in this post, will discuss some factors that influence how long it will take to build your building once you are ready to being.


The best answer to this question is “it depends”. There are different factors that affect how long it construction will take. Here are their big ones:

  1. What building materials will you be using?
  2. How long will it take to get the materials delivered?
  3. Is it possible to do construction work in your local climate year-round?


With that as a starting point though, we can give some time-tested numbers for most projects. For example, most commercial buildings that are more than 10,000 square feet will take somewhere between 4-6 months to build. When you get up into more complex office buildings and larger industrial buildings, say 50,000 square feet or more, they can take from six to eight months. Year-long projects are usually projects that have a dollar value of five million dollars or more.

Most people don’t know the answers to the questions of time and materials. But you’re not expected to. That’s where a quality builder comes in.

A quality builder should handle all research and help you get clear on the best materials for you and your budget. They should understand the supply chain and know how long it will take to get materials to the job site. Finally, they must know how to handle the challenges of building in various climates and in various conditions.

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