New Commercial Construction Additions Key Factors to Consider

When starting a business, the hope is always to expand to the point where an operation requires more employees, larger office spaces, and perhaps even extra locations. Seeing this kind of success is exciting, but it also can be stressful because expansion sometimes requires investing in commercial construction additions to a building.

Here at Rockford Structures, we specialize in many different types of commercial construction in Rockford, but we have the means and professional wherewithal to handle any additions that your business may require, eliminating your stress and ensuring your business grows both figuratively and literally.

Reasons a Business May Require an Addition

There are a few reasons a business may need to give careful consideration to investing in a building addition. These include:

Employee Growth

An office that may have been appropriate for a staff of ten people may feel cramped once the payroll has extended to 15 or 20 people. While moving offices is always an option in these instances, there are ways to expand an existing building to meet a business’s exact needs while accommodating employee growth.

More Space for Product

Another way that a business can expand is in its need to stock more inventory. With more customers comes increased inventory, and all those extra products need a place to be stored while waiting to be shipped and/or delivered to customers. If your current building can’t accommodate the boost in inventory, Rockford Structures can help you plan a commercial addition to your primary building.

Expansion into New Services

Perhaps your business started as one thing but has since pivoted into something new or has added services that simply require a different or larger type of workspace. Adding to and retooling existing spaces are great ways to make sure the new services fit into the physical space in which you work.

Other Considerations for Commercial Additions

When expanding your building, it’s also important to pay heed to a few important details:


The state of Illinois and the city of Rockford both require specific permits for commercial additions, and hiring professionals like Rockford Structures ensures that everything is done by the book and all the proper permits are in place for your project, particularly if our work takes us into Wisconsin, where the permitting laws are different.


As much as a business would like to grow and expand with no consideration of budget, that simply isn’t realistic. We will work with you to find that perfect balance between your needs and the budget you’ve set to meet those needs.

Green Practices

Every year there are more and more ways in which builders can incorporate green technology and sustainable building materials to ensure your business is staying environmentally aware and keeping monthly utilities as low as possible.

Interior/Exterior Considerations

Additions aren’t just about the structure itself; there are also interior and exterior considerations that matter a great deal to the businesses investing in these construction projects. Making these types of big decisions (and working them into a budget) are things Rockford Structures can help with throughout this process.

If you are interested in a commercial addition, give us a call here at Rockford Structures, and we’ll be happy to help you design and build the perfect addition to your place of business!