Thinking of Building in 2020?

Just because the temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time to start a commercial construction project in Rockford. If you’re looking to build a commercial structure next year, now is the perfect time to start planning it. Undertaking the pre-construction phase with Rockford Structures can help ensure that you save both time and money when you build in 2020. Keep these five steps in mind and you’ll be off to a solid start to your next project.

Pre-Construction Planning

Construction isn’t as simple as arriving onsite and just getting to work. That’s never the case since there’s much more than that to the process. Drawings need to be worked up and approved by the client, whereupon they pass to local authorities for approval. Zoning approval is also needed, and any necessary variances tack still more time onto the process. Once the drawings and zoning are ironed out, a number of permits need to be arranged as well. If you wait for spring to start this process, you’re wasting prime construction season weather; starting during the winter ensures that you—and we—can hit the ground running when the weather breaks.

Avoid Labor Shortages

Depending on the size of your commercial construction project, your contractor may need to secure subcontractors based on the timeline. If your project is taking place during a busy season (such as the summer months, when school renovations and additions typically take place), there can be a demand for labor.  By planning ahead of time, subcontractors can be secured, keeping your project on time and a priority.

Save on Construction Wages

The time crunch isn’t the only consideration in play. Wage increases typically take place in June. If you’re starting your project in March, when the construction season traditionally starts, you stand to save money on wages by avoiding both the wage increase and the higher costs demanded by labor.

Save Money on Construction Materials

It’s not just labor that’s more expensive in the summertime. Because less construction takes place between October and March, material prices are lower at this time. If we can plan ahead, we can often leverage lower prices for materials, which are reflected in your final price. There’s another advantage: if there are items that are in high demand, or that require a longer lead time to procure, you’re less likely to experience delays because you’ve planned ahead.

Maximize Your Available Time

A longer lead time has one last benefit: there’s less chance of disruption due to inclement weather. Some parts of our process require good weather (pouring concrete, for instance). It’s also worth noting that a good contractor won’t endanger their team, so pausing work to avoid severe storms can require some creative scheduling in order to complete the project on time. And of course, we want the most weather-sensitive work complete before winter comes roaring back.

Kick Off Your Next Project With Rockford Structures

If you’re renovating, expanding, or building a new commercial structure in 2020, the time to reach out to Rockford Structures is right now. We’ll help you get your ducks in a row now so that by this time next year, you’re ready to make full use of what we’ve created together.